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Why choose us

We're a full service event agency that can help you organize an event from A to Z - from the idea to its full realisation. We can calculate the estimate of your measure within one day and we can organise the event in two days. Yes, we're proud to have fantastic professionals on our team and also tested - trusted collaborative partners! The long-term experience in the domestic market allows us to identify the best suppliers and the most beautiful places of the measure. Cooperation agreements with them also help reduce the customer's overall cost of the event.

Feel like home

Sweet Events true goal is to always make you feel like a guest at your own celebration and to always create an “EXPERIENCE” for all who attend. A dream can become a reality with the expertise of Maira Admine and her team.

Our team: coordinators, designers, florists, photo & videographers, make-up masters and many other professionals

Every client is important to us! So, you can to be sure that our whole team will go hand in hand to realise only your project at that moment. All of our attention will be focused on the idea of the event, the choice of the site of the event, the themes, the decor, the flowers. We will also be the ones who will test the quality and accuracy of suppliers! We will be together on your Big Day from the beginning to the last guest, and until we hand over photographs and videos of the event. We love our work, so every job done will be brilliant and full of positive feelings!

Your dream is right in front of you just open your eyes... and hurry to realise it!


Love life! Dream and make a beautiful holiday for yourself every day!

Maira Ādmine

How we work

As part of the project, our team will be in your possession 24/7. If necessary, we will help the guests of your event with transport. Let's wait for them at the airport and spend to the hotel. Let's arrange a tour of Old Riga, and we'll book a table at the best restaurant in Riga!

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Please tell us about your event and we will be in touch with you shortly or call us at +371 223 223 55

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Our pricing for services varies due to size, details and location of the event. All planning fees are quoted as flat fee in the Agreement, and will never increase or decrease based on how much we are working.


The theme and design of the event are tailor-made for each client. Therefore, the price of the design depends on the customer's vision and overall style.


There are two parts to the cost: the price for agency services, which is a specific fee, and the price for the design / décor, which depends on the client's wishes and the client's budget